A blog is born!

Hello all, Apple Gear HQ here. Born out of a love for all things Apple, this blog will be about anything and everything as long as it is about Apple. My initial introduction to Apple came by way of a good friend that worked at the Apple Store as one of Apple Genius’. He kept trying to convince me to buy an Apple computer, but I thought that they were too overpriced. Besides, I was used to using Windows and my Sony Vaio worked fine.

Then one day it didn’t. I had it stolen out of my car! I don’t remember what I did for a computer back then till I could get another one, but the next laptop I remember buying sometime after that was an HP or something or other. For the way I was using it, it didn’t last very long.

So back to my original problem of not having a reliable computer. Re-enter my Apple Genius friend and an offer to use his employee discount on a sale model laptop. Also an offer to fix my computer for free whenever it needed fixing. It was a great deal so I jumped on it. It’s been downhill ever since. From iPads, iPhones, Apple TV, iPods, and now the Apple watch!

With all this Apple gear, you gotta have the stuff to go with it: cases, cords, screen covers, and for the Apple Watch – stands. One cannot simply just place their beautiful Apple Watch on the table to charge. One needs a display to highlight their purchased Apple Timepiece.